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Experience the developmental system of the world’s first holographic microendoscope in action in Magdeburg or Vienna.

An exciting time for DeepEn’s team. We proudly present the result of 2 years of work during 2 demo sessions at the end of October. The minimally invasive microendoscope NeuroDeep goes on tour. Busy times!

Demo #1 at 3rd Day of Intravital Microscopy – 23.10 and 24.10 in Magdeburg

This event is organized by the team “Intravital Microscopy” of German Bioimaging, an association of experts to connect practical performers of intravital microscopy and exchange techniques, methods, tips, and tricks. As such, it is very fortunate that this year, the Day of Intravital Microscopy is held at our partner institute in Magdeburg, the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, short LIN. Not only will two members of the DeepEn team show you the current performance of our NeuroDeep test system, but our co-founder Prof. Dr. Tomas Cizmar will also give a presentation about the the photonic technology behind it.

Demo #2 at IEEE Sensors 2023 – 30.10. in Vienna

If you are in Vienna and joining the IEEE Sensors, you can meet us for a demonstration on the 30th of October. The IEEE Sensors brings together almost 1000 researchers, engineers, and industry players for one of the most impactful gatherings with a focus on sensors and sensor systems. Optical fibres have been used for a long time as sensors, for example, to measure heat, deformation, or the concentration of chemicals. However, the possibility of using fibres for imaging should be very new to many in the community. We are looking forward to the feedback from the experts after our demonstration of our minimally invasive deep brain imaging system.

Excited for the first Demo

The functionality of the system has already been tested in different Neuroscience labs all over Europe. Now we want to demonstrate it to the critical eye of the public in order to collect even more valuable feedback. And of course, there is always excitement involved. Will the intricate optoelectronic heart of NeuroDeep work under the unpredictable and suboptimal conditions during a live demo? We are willing to try!



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