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About us

DeepEn is a research transfer start-up from the Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies in Jena, Germany. Our focus is on the development of solutions in the field of fiber photonics, neurophotonics and neuroimaging.

What we do

At DeepEn, we develop hair-thin endoscopes that deliver high resolution images from inside sensitive and dynamic environments. By using a single optical fibre as an imaging probe, we can bring the performance of modern microscopes into extremely tight or sensitive spaces and thus redefining the possibilities of neuroimaging.

Who we are

DeepEn is a research transfer start-up from Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technologies in Jena, Germany. Driven by the vision to make high performing hair-thin endoscopes available to users in medicine, neuroscience and industry, our multidisciplinary and international team embarked on its journey in 2021. We are building on the achievements of over 10 years of dedicated research in the fields of fibre photonics and neuroimaging.

Our technology

NeuroDeep™ v1.0 Laboratory Workstation

In close collaboration with researchers from neuroscience and photonics, we are developing the first commercially available hair-thin fluorescence microscope, optimized for in vivo imaging. 

Meet our team

Sergey Turtaev


Sergey is a physicist turned entre­preneur and the visionary team leader of DeepEn. He is an expert in the field of fibre photonics and advanced the hair-thin endoscope technology during his PhD-dissertation.

Jiri Hofbrucker


With a PhD in physics and a passion for engineering and programming, Jiri is the driving force behind product development at DeepEn. Jiri is a true technical problem-solver.

Hana Cizmarova

Application Management

As a medical doctor, Hana is committed to ensuring that DeepEn’s hair-thin endoscopes offer the highest possible added value for users. Her motivation: to help improve the lives of people with brain diseases.

Patrick Westermann

Business Development

Market research, competitive analysis, estimation of market potential: Patrick is the creator of the business plan for the startup and holds a master’s degree in management.

Prof. Dr. Tomas Cizmar

Scientific Advisor

Tomas is an established expert of complex media photonics and world leading researcher in the field of imaging through multimode fibres. As scientific mentor and advisor of DeepEn, he supports the start-up team through his knowledge and network.

DeepEn is a research transfer project from Leibniz-Institute of Photonic Technologies


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